Accuform MEQM184XL Aluma-Lite Sign

Accuform MEQM184XL Aluma-Lite Sign "Danger Watch for Falling Debris"

USD 25.14

Accuform, MEQM184XL, 10" x 14" Aluma-Lite Sign: "Danger Watch for Falling Debris" Alert workers and others to be aware of falling debris in the work environment. Aluma-Lite™ Ultra-lightweight properties combined with high-strength, rugged engineering make this composite aluminum sign extremely durable. Aluma-Lite™ materials defend against abrasions, impacts, corrosion, chemicals and more. The ultra-lightweight properties of Aluma-Lite™ combine with high-strength, rugged engineering to make this composite aluminum sign extremely durable. Aluma-Lite™ can withstand tough conditions both indoors and out. Aluma-Lite™ custom signs can resist impacts, flexing, and is tolerable to abuses such as vandalism. The core of the sign is also impervious to splash and wash-downs. Aluma-Lite™ custom sign materials are 40% lighter than solid aluminum, yet maintain the same durability, stiffness, and rigidity. The materials are comprised of two sheets of aluminum permanently bonded, on both sides, to a lightweight thermoplastic center core. This combination makes for a superior strength-to-weight ratio composite material.