CMT 392.200.11 20mm S=5 16

CMT 392.200.11 20mm S=5 16" Right-Hand Hinge Boring Bit

USD 21.31

20mm S=5/16" Right-Hand Hinge Boring Bit Hinge boring bits to set a new standard for performance and value! This bit features new downcut round sharpening for a more precise cut and extra-fine micrograin carbide for endurance and a faster feed speed. We use the finest industrial quality micrograin carbide to produce very sharp cutting edges and improve cutting resistance. Features: 2-23/64-Inch Overall Length, Right-Hand Rotation. Super-strength steel and cutter portion coated with black P.T.F.E. coating. Tungsten carbide tipped head with precision balanced center point. Ideal for hinges & blind holes. 2 precision ground cutting edges, 2 negatively ground spurs. Use on drilling machines, handheld routers in wood, wood composites and laminated materials.